Green Kulture and SUNY Orange

Hudson Valley
Cannabis Industry

Erasing The Stigma
Through Education

Thursday, June 22, 2023 | 9am-5pm | SUNY Orange, 115 South St Middletown , NY

Event Schedule

Location: Rowley Center for Science 010 | Moderators: Hillary Anastha, Tiffany McPhail

Start your day off right with a delicious breakfast and a chance to network with other attendees. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for an exciting day of learning and exploration. 

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Tiffany McPhail

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of cannabis like never before! This event is a must-attend program for anyone interested in this exciting and rapidly evolving industry. Our expert speakers and interactive sessions will cover everything from workforce development to infused demos, health and wellness, law, social justice, and academic impacts and curriculum development. This is your chance to gain a deep understanding of the cannabis industry, connect with other passionate individuals, and explore the potential of this amazing plant.


Dr. Kristine Young, Heather Bell

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Tiffany McPhail

Are you interested in a career in the cannabis industry? This session will give you an overview of the various job opportunities and career paths available and provide insights on how to build the skills and qualifications needed to succeed. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, you’ll come away with valuable knowledge and tips on how to take your career to the next level.


Tiffany Walters, Floyd Jarvis, Arthur Brownsey, Dan Kaufman-Berson

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Hillary Anastha

Get ready to be inspired by a distinguished industry expert who will share their insights and vision for the future of the cannabis industry. You’ll hear firsthand about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in this rapidly growing field. This is your chance to learn from a true leader and innovator in the cannabis industry.


Tremaine Wright: Chair of the Cannabis Control Board

Location: Rowley Center for Science 112 – Auditorium | Moderator: Tiffany McPhail

Midday remarks and provide information on the breakrooms available—just a reminder on where lunch will be served for attendees to enjoy.


Hillary Anastha, COO Green Kulture, Founder of Kitchen 42

Location: Alumni Green| Sponsored By: Green Kulture & Suny Orange

Take a break from the sessions and enjoy a delicious lunch. You’ll have plenty of time to network with other attendees, discuss the morning sessions, and recharge for the afternoon.

Location: Rowley Center for Science 112 – Auditorium| Instructor: Hillary Anastha

Attendees can work with experienced infuse cannabis chefs to create edibles with CBD extraction. It will give a insight on how to dose and make your own infused treats.

Location: Forum Room | Instructor: Dave Serrano

Are you interested in the complex flavors and aromas of cannabis? This session will give you a hands-on experience with terpene-rich strains and show you how to enhance your experience with different cannabis products. You’ll come away with a newfound appreciation for the subtle nuances and distinct characteristics of different cannabis strains.

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Tiffany McPhail

Hear from a diverse group of cannabis entrepreneurs who are shaping the industry and creating new opportunities for social equity and justice. You’ll learn about the latest innovations, trends, and challenges in the cannabis industry, and discover how these leaders are making a positive impact on their communities and the world.


Javaan Davis CSO, Benson Isidore CTO, Rulls St.Hilaire Founder

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Hillary Anastha

Discover the medicinal benefits of cannabis, including pain relief, anxiety reduction, and improved sleep. You’ll learn about the latest research and scientific findings on the health benefits of cannabis, and explore how different cannabis products can be used to promote wellness and improve quality of life.


Venus Rodriguez-McGregor, Dr. Don Slish, Miriam Farer, Nikki Lawley 

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Tiffany McPhail

A discussion on how social justice efforts will improve the industry. Also, bring light to the traditional market to improve legacy operators a chance in the newly forming cannabis industry.


Scheril Murray Powell, Roger Thomas, Nicole Ricci

Location: Forum Room | Moderator: Hillary Anastha

Discover how colleges and universities integrate cannabis into their academic programs and explore the opportunities and challenges of cannabis education. You’ll hear from academic experts who are at the forefront of cannabis research and education, and explore the latest findings and trends in this rapidly evolving field.


Monty Vacura, DR. Daniela Vergara, Dave Serrano

Location: Forum Room | Speakers: Monty Vacura, Green Kulture

Reflect on the insights and knowledge gained from the day’s sessions, and hear from the event organizers and speakers. You’ll leave feeling inspired, informed, and energized to take your cannabis education and career to the next level.

Location: Rowley Center | Vendors: TBD

Connect with industry innovators in cannabis ancillary services. Explore trends, challenges, and opportunities in a dynamic environment of collaboration and growth. Don’t miss this chance to network, learn, and make impactful connections. 

Location: Alumni Green | Partners: Happy Tree | Comedian: TBA

Connect with industry innovators in cannabis ancillary services. Explore trends, challenges, and opportunities in a dynamic environment of collaboration and growth. Don’t miss this chance to network, learn, and make impactful connections.


Tiffany McPhail


Founder, Happy Tree Inc.


Tiffany McPhail is a young entrepreneur that believes in using plant medicine for general health and wellness. After experiencing the stigma firsthand, she decided to dedicate her time to changing the narrative regarding safe consumption for all.

Tiffany’s new company Happy Tree, Inc is fully embracing the wellness aspect of the plant, creating unique products and experiences to help consumers use cannabis, and other plants, to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. Offering education, products, events, and resources for anyone with questions about cannabis and plant medicine. They use the entire plant to enhance experiences such as painting, hiking, yoga, meditation, karaoke, and dance, among other things. 

Hillary Anastha


Cannabis Chef


In 2018, Hillary launched Kitchen 42 after discovering that cannabis helped alleviate her chronic pain from Dysmenorrhea. She used the skills and knowledge gained from her culinary journey and unique health challenges to propel her brand to where it is today. Hillary is a dedicated and hardworking individual with a thirst for knowledge. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at SUNY Monroe College, she intends to expand her business knowledge and gain valuable insights into the other side of the business world. Her passion for cooking and her drive for success is echoed in her love and devotion to her children.

Tremaine S. Wright

Keynote Speaker

Chair of the Cannabis Control Board

Tremaine S. Wright is a former member of the New York State Assembly who thereafter, served as the first Director of the DFS Statewide Office of Financial Inclusion and Empowerment. Ms. Wright

is a second-generation Bedford Stuyvesant resident invested in preserving the rich legacy of her community and building a strong foundation for the future. She has dedicated her career to empowering and creating opportunities for her neighbors and her community. 





SUNY Orange President Dr. Kristine Young is a visionary leader who has spent the first five years of her presidency reshaping the student experience through strategic approaches to improving support services, successful acquisition of transformational federal and state grants, and blending the best elements of Guided Pathways principles with the College’s strengths.




Heather Bell is an accomplished leader, as well as successful small business owner, who brings a unique perspective to a meaningful discussion on business dynamics, growth, and development.

Arthur Brownsey

Expert Panelist

Owner and operator of Chickidoo Hempstead


Arthur Brownsey is an entrepreneur-cultivator born and raised in Orange County, New York. He is a 2x Harvest Cup winner and currently owns and operates Chickidoo Hempstead here in the Hudson Valley. Chickidoo utilizes regenerative horticulture and hyper local inputs to exclusively produce smokable flowers for the New York Adult-Use Market. Arthur also has experience writing curriculum and providing field experience to State Sponsored social equity programs.

Dr. Daniela Vergara

Expert Panelist

Member of the Cannabis Employment and Education Development team (CEED) at the NY State Department of Labor, PhD


Daniela is the Emerging Crops Specialist at Cornell University’s Extension program for the Harvest New York team. Her job is to help New York’s hemp farmers and the Cannabis community thrive. Her research at CU Boulder was funded by the biotech company Front Range Biosciences.

Dan Kaufman-Berson

Expert Panelist

Member of the Cannabis Employment and Education Development team (CEED) at the New York State Department of Labor


CEED’s mission is to empower and prepare the workforce and businesses to support an equitable, diverse, and inclusive cannabis industry, resulting in economic opportunity and growth for traditionally underserved people, and positioning New York State to be a leading model for the nation.

David Serrano

Expert Panelist

Cannabis Workforce Initiative (CWI) Project Manager, U.S. Navy Veteran


David has worked as a consultant focused on the development of the cannabis industry, which included conducting research, developing a broad network of partners from across the industry, and participating in a range of engagements. As WDI’s CWI Project Manager, David provides leadership, education, and impactful strategies to assist communities most harmed by the prohibition of cannabis.

Dr. Daniel Slish

Expert Panelist

Pharmacology Professor, SUNY Plattsburg


Dr. Slish received his Ph.D. in pharmacology from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine.

He has been a professor at SUNY Plattsburgh since 1994, teaching such courses as Cell Biology, The Biology of Cancer, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, and the Pharmacology of Recreational Drugs.

His scholarly activity involves developing online multimedia presentations of biological processes.

Floyd Jarvis

Expert Panelist

Founder of Ganja War Veterans for Equity and Program Director of BMCC CUNY Cannabis Workforce and Business Training Program 


Floyd Jarvis is a Black Masculine Studies Scholar and the founder and lead policy strategist of Ganja War Veterans for Equity. His organization was a part of the Start Smart coalition, a partnership of organizations and plant advocates that spearheaded the passage of the MRTA. Floyd is also a former Bard Prison Initiative Public Health Fellow, where he authored, Keeping Black Markets Black: a Stratification Economic, Public Health and Restorative Justice Model for Cannabis Equity in the City of New York. Floyd is also a Brooklyn College Alum, BA Africana Studies and former Program Manager of CUNY Brooklyn College Black and Latino Male Initiative

Miriam Aristy-Farer

Expert Panelist

Founder of Herbas®


Miriam Aristy-Farer a mom, community leader, and a medical marijuana patient, a bilingual plant-based body care products & rituals. The line started with a THC salve made for a friend…In 2020 launched its own organic certified CBD oil & lotion. 

After 15+ years in the beauty industry working as a senior art director CPG giants Revlon and LOréal she left on a quest to do good things. Spending almost 9 years on public education equity in Northern Manhattan, eventually gardening initiatives in West Harlem schools, bought her back to plants & cannabis. In 2019 she trademarked Herbas® 

She currently co-chairs the Cannabis Taskforce for Community Board 9 in West Harlem, and is part of the first cohort of growers and processors in OCM’s compliance and mentorship program. 

Nicole Ricci

Expert Panelist

President of the Board of Directors for NY Small Farma (NYSF)


Nicole, is currently serving as the President of the Board of Directors for NY Small Farma (NYSF), a New York State not for profit and 501 C 3 educational advocacy organization dedicated to fostering a socially just, environmentally regenerative, and economically inclusive cannabis community. Nicole, who has cultivated cannabis and made edibles for decades, became involved in cannabis policy in 2015. Nicole’s vision is to see NYS’s cannabis community birth a new economic paradigm where communities, the environment, and corporate responsibility are as important to businesses as profit margins.

Nikki Lawley

Expert Panelist

Founder, Nikki and the Plant


Nikki Lawley is a patient advocate, speaker, and founder of Nikki and the Plant. She personally discovered cannabis as medicine after suffering a life-changing injury while working as a pediatric nurse.  

Nikki and the Plant is a pillar of medical cannabis advocacy and a champion for the importance of sharing patient stories.  

Nikki is on the Patient Advisory Board for NY State Americans for Safe Access and for Cannabis BPO.

Nikki is considered a leading voice in the community, chronicling her journey from being a healthcare provider to a patient to an advocate. She hopes to bring worldwide awareness to invisible illness and disability. She has been a guest on multiple podcasts and shows including “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel Williams.”

Roger Thomas

Expert Panelist

Founder, Mellow Tymes


Roger Thomas is a multimedia guru specializing in online media management, media buying, selling and personal development. As an entrepreneur, Roger is an operations and logistics expert which gives his clients an edge in successfully marketing to their target market.

A lifelong entrepreneur in a variety of industries, Roger is no stranger to thinking outside of the box. He has a knack for seeing avenues of opportunity. Coupled with a heart for people and great communication skills, it makes quite the recipe for providing a well thought out planning and execution process.

Scheril Murray Powell

Expert Panelist

Agricultural, Cannabis, Dietary Supplement, and Trade Attorney at Doumar, Allsworth, Laystrom, Voigt, Adair, and Dishowitz LLP.


Scheril is the Chief Operating Officer of the JUSTÜS Foundation ( and Chair of the Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board which advises the County on Marijuana related policies and positions.  She is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sub-Committee of the ASTM D37 Committee.  She is a member of the Florida Bar Association and the New York City Bar Association.  

Scheril also serves as the Director of Business Development of Creative Services, a FCRA Compliance, Background Screening, and Security Firm.  The Daily Business Review has named her one of the Top 12 Cannabis Attorney’s in Florida.

Tiffany Walters

Expert Panelist

CEO, New York State Cannabis Connect


Tiffany Walters has been at the forefront, pushing for social equity and fairness as legal cannabis is rolled out in New York State. Tiffany has over 15 years of communications and marketing experience, working nationally for brands like Sprint and Petco. In 2021 she and her partner founded NYSCC to cultivate the community by providing equitable knowledge to everyone in the cannabis industry. Providing evergreen educational resources, and workforce development, New York State Cannabis Connect is the industry-leading resource for businesses and consumers to learn, collaborate, and find success in the cannabis industry in New York State. 

Venus Paloma Rodriguez

Expert Panelist

Founder, Sana Cannabis


Venus Paloma Rodriguez CD is a Doula,

Childbirth Educator, Reiki practitioner, Ordained

Minister and Midwife Assistant with 24 years of experience. Throughout the last 14 years she has also been organizing co-ed Shamanic ceremonies and healing retreats for women. She currently facilitates group and individual healing ceremonies at a beautiful Sanctuary in Hudson Valley, NY. She is one of the board members at Growing Heart Sanctuary Church and Non-profit. 

Venus is deeply committed to carrying the traditions of her indigenous ancestors. Venus is one of the few women applicants for the NY CAURD program. Venus created Sana Cannabis as a brand to highlight the healing Cannabis can offer the community. She is dedicated to bringing education on safe use and benefits of Cannabis, as well as helping create a positive Cannabis culture in her community

Thank you to our partners!